Why You Need To Switch Over To Essential Oil Perfumes

I used to love wearing strong smelling perfumes. I then started to work in a scent-free zone environment where I "quit" cold turkey and started to feel naked without a cloud of perfume hanging over me.

I went a long time without any scents (besides the mild detergent and deodorant smell) until I attended a fantastic and very informative workshop held by The Eco Well regarding essential oils (EO). This workshop really helped me develop some great new products including the Essential Oil Perfume line which includes scents like: Lavender + Mint (great for headaches and relaxation) and Spicy Citrus (an uplifting scent with a warm base).


What's an Oil Perfume?

Oil Perfume has 0% alcohol. 0% water, 30% concentrated oil, 70% carrier oil.*

Oil Perfumes come in two varieties: they are made with essential oils or fragrance oils (FO). The first and easiest way to distinguish between and EO and a FO is by their scent. If it is labeled as "bubblegum", "marshmallow" or any other fragrance that you wouldn't find in nature, it's probably a FO. Fragrance oils also can mimic the scents of essential oils, so it's just safer to ask the manufacture of the product what the ingredients are. It is my preference to use essential oils over fragrance oils, but there is nothing wrong with using and applying FO (if they are labeled "for skin").

The difference between an eau de parfume (EDP) and an oil perfume (OP) is the alcohol and water content. Eau de Parfume is made of about 70% alcohol, 10% water, and 20% fragrance.*

*This is just a typical example of each product’s ratios. There is no explicit standard and they will vary from source to source.

For those who have sensitive skin or skin allergies, that amount of alcohol can be overwhelming! Too much alcohol in a perfume can cause rough skin patches, rashes, and dry skin. OPs are oils which give the skin a little moisture boost.  Even though our Essential Oil Perfumes are made with concentrated EOs, they are very mild in scent and are perfect for wearing to the office.

Benefits of Oil Perfumes

OPs tend to last longer because the oil sticks to your skin whereas an EDP works best if you spray it on clothing or hair -  this gives it something to attach to.

OPs are also more cost effective in comparison to a perfume. The initial cost may make your wallet whimper (remember, OPs are generally made with high-grade, concentrated Essential Oils which are costly to manufacture). Your little roller bottle should last longer than a spray bottle. It's best to apply an OP to your pulse points. I find that applying OPs and EOs on pulse points diffuses the scent, which greatly affects the mood. 

This brings us to my last point - our Essential Oil Perfumes can be used just to freshen you up and for their aromatherapy benefits. We carefully research and craft every scent combination to tackle every need: mood booster, stress relief, and sleep aid.

The Oil Perfumes at Whitespace Goods are made from pure organic essential oils. The oils we use are very very concentrated, therefore we have to dilute it with a carrier oil so it does not damage or irritate the skin. You can read more about the essential oils at our blog here.

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