DIY Series: Soy Candles

On January 28th, we partnered up with Algonquin College Student Services and Algonquin College Heath Services to kick-off Mental Health Week at the College.
vegan soy candle
We were joined by 32 students who spent the evening learning the ins and outs of candle making and creating their very own custom candles.
algonquin college diy candle workshop by whitespace goods
We started the evening off by talking about the materials they would use, their sources as well as tips and tricks for beginner candle makers. Students had the opportunity to test a vast selection of cruelty-free essential oils, learn about which scents blend well, and mix their very own blend.
two vegan soy candles diy candle workshop at algonquin college by whitespace goods
Students created two 4oz candles to take home. 
Below are some simple instructions to make your own candles. Alternatively, you can purchase a DIY Kit that includes everything you need.
(makes four 4oz candles)
  • ~1lb of soy wax
  • ~28 - 40 mL of essential oils
  • 4 candle wicks
  • 4 clothes pins
  • four 4oz jars
  • microwave-safe¹ glass vessel (like Pyrex)
  • stir stick (Popsicle stick)
  • scale
  • microwave
  • newspaper
  • towels
  • food-safe thermometer
  1. Measure out all of your ingredients before you start and clear off your workspace. Cover in old newspaper to protect surfaces. Have towels or napkins on hand for handling hot vessels.
  2. Pour your pre-measured wax into your microwave-safe container. Microwave for a total 4-5 minutes² in 30 second intervals. Stir after every 30 seconds.
  3. Once all wax has meted³, place container with melted wax on a towel or hot pad. Place your thermometer in the wax and wait until it reaches a temperature of 85°C⁴.
  4. Pour in your essential oils and stir carefully.
  5. Allow wax to cool down to 50°C before pouring into jars.
  6. After pouring, center the wick in the jar with a clothes pin and allow the candles to cool overnight.
  7. Once candles set, trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch. Place the lid on top and wait another 24hrs before burning.
Scent Combos
Relaxation Blend: 5mL of Lavender Essential Oil, 5mL of Peppermint Essential Oil
Fresh Blend: 5mL Lemon Essential Oil, 2.5mL Pine Essential Oil, 2.5mL Cilantro Essential Oil
Sensual Blend: 5mL Sandalwood Essential Oil, 3mL Rose Essential Oil, 2mL Cinnamon Essential Oil
¹ normally a double broiler method is used to melt wax, but a microwave is a fast and easy alternative for first-timers
² actual heating time can vary depending on microwave.Do not leave microwave unattended
³ wax is ready when it becomes translucent and all wax flakes are melted away. 
⁴ heating to 85°F is recommended to fully bind and mix your essential oils with the wax
⁵ burn for a maximum of 2 hours the first time
P.S- we were interviewed by the students in the Television Broadcasting Program. Watch it here!
P.S.S- Join us at our next workshop on March 30, 2019!

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