DIY Series: Preservative-Free Vegan Lip Balm

If you're like us, the colder seasons brings out the worst in your lips. If they're cracked or dry like ours, this DIY Preservative-Free Lip Balm will your holy grail! Below you'll find a quick way to make your very own lip balm:

Before we start we would like to note that this recipe is for personal use only. We also did not add a preservative in this recipe as it is made to be stored in a tin and applied by a dry finger or lip brush. If this recipe is used in a lip chap container, consider adding in a mild preservative to prevent mold. Mold develops when moisture or water (from your lips in this case) is introduced to the natural products.


Our favorite type of hard butter to use is cocoa butter because of it's moisturizing properties, but mostly because its chocolate scent..mmmm! Cocoa butter comes in various forms, but it is most commonly broken into chunks when buying in smaller quantities. It has a higher melting point than solid coconut oil, for example, therefore it will not instantly melt onto your skin or lips as quickly giving you a bit of a protective layer until it fully absorbs.


  1. Measure out all ingredients in clean glass measuring cups and a kitchen scale
  2. Combine your cocoa butter, shea butter and wax in a microwave-safe container
  3. Melt down harder butters in microwave for a total of 2.5-3 minutes in 45 second intervals.
  4. While your mixture is in the microwave, prepare your tin containers. Place down paper towel, newspaper or cutting board in case of spillage for easy clean up.
  5. Stir with a metal spoon every time you take the container out of the microwave. Caution, container may be hot, so protect your hands with oven mitts or a towel.
  6. Once the harder butters are melted, spoon in the coconut butter to the hot liquid mixture and stir until the coconut butter is completely melted.
  7. Either spoon the mixture into the tins or pour it very very carefully. In the event of a spill, no not touch hot liquid until cooled and solid.
  8. Once mixture is poured in, allow 12-24 hours to cool completely (depending on your environment).
  9. Add a label or use as-is



This basic recipe can be modified to suite your needs and preference- you can even add safe for consumption fragrances to up your lip balm game! Let us know in the comments if you're going to try this super easy recipe and if you're going to keep it as is or if you'll be modifying it.

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